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Breaking Through Limitations

“For by You I can run through a troop, and by my God I can leap over a wall (Psalm 18:29, AMP)”

My dear friend and partner,

It is no longer news that the global economy is in recess, neither is it news that it has had untold impact on people such as loss of jobs, houses, cars, and financial investments. The good news, however, is that God has a plan for His own people to survive and experience breakthrough in such a time like this. Therefore, in the next few weeks, I want to share with you some Biblical perspectives on the global economic recession and then encourage you to rise up and fulfil your potential even in the midst of all the challenges you are facing right now. I have put my thoughts under the theme: “EXPERIENCING BREAKTHROUGH IN A TIGHT ECONOMY” and I would like to have your feedback and contributions to the theme.

Central to the theme of our discussion is the word “breakthrough”. What exactly does it mean to experience a breakthrough? I want us to look at this closely today.

As believers, we have been empowered to be fruitful, multiply,  replenish the earth, and dominate it (Gen 1:28), but there are forces in life that have been designed to limit us from walking into the plan and purposes of God for our life. God’s desire is for you and I make to constant progress, we are not designed to be contained or restricted by anything. Thus, whenever there is an attempt to restrict and contain us – we resist those forces that seek to contain us. And when we are successful in overcoming those forces, a “breakthrough” is said to have happened. So, in essence we could say a person have a breakthrough when he/she is able to break the limiting forces of life and reach where God wants him to be.

Now let me show you the forces of life that want to limit your progress. Psalm 18:29, mentioned two of them:

(i) The Troop: These are demonic and satanic forces that have been sent from the kingdom of darkness to prevent you from attaining the best in life. They operate in hierarchies of principalities, powers, and rulership according to Ephesians 6:12.  In the same way that angels carry out God’s bidding on the earth, so also do demons carry out the assignments of the devil on the earth. For example, in Mark 4:35 – 5:1-10, we read of a certain group of demons called Legions (almost 7,000 of them) who attempted to stop Jesus and his disciples from getting to Gadarenes to preach the gospel by sending a fierce storm that almost capsized their ship. Paul also told us of many adversaries that stood against him when a door of opportunity opened to him in Corinth (Ref: 1 Cor 16:9).

(ii) The wall: Apart from the troop, the second force we must contend with in life is referred to as the “wall”. The walls are built by natural circumstances and situations that we face in life. Sometimes they are a product of your birth or environmental upbringing. The walls refer to the “strongholds”  that place a ceiling on how far you can go in life (2 Cor 10:4-5). They are the mindsets you carry based on your experiences. And  I believe the greatest danger the current global economic recess pose is not the absence of cash but the tendency for it to condition people’s mindset to think poverty and average living. You must resist this tendency. In the scripture, a man named Mephiboseth spent almost his entire life in the desert of Lodebar and got his thinking damaged (he fell in the hand of a nurse that carried him when he was  5 years old and became lame) even though he was destined to be a king and live his entire life in the palace(2 Sam 4:4 ; 9:1-end). Jabez also lived a limited life (because of the name he got from his mother and his upbringing) until he prayed for a breakthrough, even though he carry the seed of greatness from birth (ref: 1 Chronicles 4:9-10).

My dear friend, God wants you to overcome these two limiting forces of life and He has given you the ability to do so. “For by You I can…by my God I can…(Psalm 18:29)”. Your breakthrough is sealed in two complimentary abilities – God’s and yours.

First, you must demonstrate confidence in God’s ability. You need to face your problems and say: “God is able”. Stop presenting God  as a weak, impotent and unresponsive force to the challenges of your life. He is a God of power – He impacts every situations and circumstances, He changes life and destinies, He delivers, He heals and saves. He is able to deliver you from all the forces that are up against you (Psalms 34:17). If he parted the red sea, fell the wall of Jericho, he has never change, He is able to do it again and again.

Second, you must be confident of your own ability. Not only is God powerful, you also are. You have the  power to break through limiting forces of life (Luke 10:19). Stop looking helpless and powerless. You are a mighty man of valour just like Gideon and Jeptha  (ref: Judges 6:12; 11:1). Joseph overcame all the odds against him and rose to be a prime minister because of God’s presence in his life (See: Acts 7:9-10). You will also rise above all the forces of limitations in life. You can do all things through Christ  ( Phillipians 4:13).

Whatever you may be going through…whatever problems you are facing (economic or otherwise)…whatever threaten to overwhelm you – God is able to bring you through it. Besides, you also have been empowered to overcome life’s challenges. I am convinced the global economic recession is not a force strong enough to abort the plan and purpose of God for you and your family. Through God you can…and you will rise above the storms and be who God has created you to be. Give up your helplessness and tap into the unlimited potential you carry on the inside for therein lies the key to your  breakthrough.

I will be expatiating some of these thoughts  in subsequent  writings.

Stay blessed!


Dear Father, I pray today for my friend: I destroy every demonic forces that are limiting his/her progress in life. I ask that he/she and his/her family be loosed to fulfil his/her/their purpose in life.  I ask that you impart him/her with the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of you so that the eyes of his/her understanding would be enlightened to know the exceeding greatness of your ability and power to deliver and save him/her from all his/her troubles. Give him/her the courage to rise up above all limitations and  pursue  the best you have planned for him/her and his/her family. I ask and receive all these in Jesus name (Amen).


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