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            Front liners College, Ibadan is an offshoot of Frontliners Nursery Primary School, Ibadan. The Nursery Primary School which was founded on 4th February, 1987 with only four pupils has grown to become a great institution which produced the famous Front liners College Ibadan.
            Front liners Nursery Primary School Ibadan is one of the leading primary schools in the country. It has well trained, qualified and hardworking teachers. Over the years many of its products have graduated from universities and are holding responsible positions in the society.

            The school is well equipped with modern teaching aids- audio and visual. It also has a standard library and a mini science laboratory. Subjects like Mathematics, English Language, English literature, Social Studies, Basic Science, French, Music, Creative Arts, Civics, Drama, Computer Studies etc.

The school takes part in external competitions apart from the usual school activities like Literary and Debating, Cultural, Press club, Sports etc

There achievements are possible because of the commitment of the proprietress, Chief Mrs. Adenrele Taiwo ( an experienced teacher) and her husband Chief Olapoju Taiwo: a retired permanent secretary. Chief Mrs. Adenrele Taiwo doubles as Proprietress and Principal of the College. She is an hardworking and commited person. She is both a born and trained teacher. She was principal of many government schools before she retired voluntarily and she holds a B.A. Special Hons ( Geography) degree and a Post graduate Diploma in Education.


1)    Through emphasis on science and related subjects, the college aims at producing students who will be more of job creators than job seekers,

2)    It aims at identifying the talents in each student and encourage him or her to develop these talents to the highest level.

3)    Through intensive, qualitative teaching, the college intends to turn out products who will be in high demand in higher institutions of learning.

4)    By placing emphasis on extra curricular activities, the college intends to build self-confidence in her students, thus preparing them for future challenges and leadership roles

5)    It seeks to develop in her students, those anthentic African values which will make them worthy, not only in learning but also in character.


            The college comprises three beautiful storey buildings, one of which serves as administrative block. The remaining two are Senior Secondary and Junior Secondary blocks. It has standard Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Agricultural Science. It also has a well equipped Home Economics Laboratory. The Library is big, well ventilated and adequately stocked with up to date books; magazines, other reference and audio-visual resource materials and Computer System. The classrooms are large and well ventilated. We also have safe playground. We have well stocked Yoruba, Music and Computer rooms


            The curriculum is in line with the Federal Ministry of Education policy on Education. It takes care of:

1)    Core subjects

2)    Pre-vocational subjects and

3)    Non-vocational subjects at both Junior and Senior Secondary levels of eduction.


            The school is well staffed with professionally qualified and experienced University graduate teachers. Each of them handles subjects in his/her areas of specialization.



            The school runs the 3 term calendar system as directed by the Federal Ministry of Education. The school opens at 7:40am with a morning assembly that is compulsory for teachers and students. It closes at 2:10pm.

            Provision is made for afternoon coaching where students are opportuned to do their assignments, prepare for next day’s lesson and do some reading.

            Friday is a Culture Day. Communication is in our local languages ( but not for teaching). This is so in order to encourage and bring to life, our dying local languages e.g. Yoruba Language. Not only this, we give room for extra curricular activities, like Literary and debating, Cultural, Boy Scout, Red Cross Society, Science club, Home-makers and other activities. These activities take place in the afternoon. No student wants to be left out and so they are eager to attend.

            Our students also have time for sporting activities. The school's interhouse Athletics Competition holds every two years. They attend invitation relay races, take part in football competitions and other sporting activities. In the cultural realm, we are noted for good performances in cultural dance and we have won laurels for this. All these activities do not disturb us from having excellent results in external examinations.

            The college has published the second edition of its magazine titled “The Front liners”. This is programmed for yearly publication. It has also produced a Yoruba play titled “Inu Fufu”, the second edition of which is in production.

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